Tonino Allocca
Giusi Giustino

__The costumes by Giusi Giustino

Who would not sell the soul to the devil for the eternal youth? Dorian does it and he remains young and handsome forever. This is an actual theme in a society where people spend their time and their money to follow the dream to remain unchanged with the passing of time. By drawing the costumes of this performance, has meant for us not only the possibility to read again a cult of the literature as The Picture of Dorian Gray, by going into the intellectual phenomenon that its author represents, but it has been above all the occasion to reflect, to bury ourselves in so modern thoughts.
The figure of Dorian, acted by Michel Altieri, really Mediterranean, has been distorted, with fairy hair, pale, light blue and cold glance, for being close to the common ideal of beauty, and to oppose himself better at the darkness of his soul. His costumes with preraphaeliti colours, are very elegant.
During his life hundreds of figures, women, lovers, friends, go around him; inexorably they grow old by changing garments and fashion. The most important moments of their change summerize with three ballets: waltz, tango,and final ballet where everyone, with the help of masks, have become really old. In particular Lord Henry, with the same costume and with the same aspect, is in control of situation with his elegance, like Mephisto light blue spirit, guidance of the destiny.

Giusi Giustino

Costumes designed by Giusi Giustino